Services Available from Jenasys Design

Business Analysis and Software Design

A key part to any custom software solution is determining your business requirements then analysing the processes and workflow procedures to meet those requirements. Jenasys Design will then determine the benefits, costs and time frames to create an electronic solution.

Jenasys can also review software your organisation is considering purchasing.  It’s often very important for software to integrate into other systems, so a software service provider like Jenasys Design is a prime candidate for an objective review of other software solutions.

Software Development

Creating in house software to solve business processes can provide you with a competitive advantage. Jenasys Design can work with your business to develop a range of different types of software solutions. Software solutions we provide usually start with simple Microsoft Office template documents. These then migrate to flexible multi user Microsoft Access databases for a small office environment. Solutions can then be scaled up to a high volume web based application solution and or dedicated database server’s solutions that use Microsoft SQL server.

Jenasys Design elects to use some of the most popular software tools in the world. This ensures that your business is investing in mainstream software solutions. Some the key technologies that Jenasys Design uses are:

Software Languages and Engines
  • Microsoft VB.Net
  • Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) (Microsoft Office programming)
  • Microsoft Access and SQL Server
Web Applications
  • Microsoft .net active server pages (ASPX) hosted on Microsoft Information Server (IIS).

Software Delivery

Getting people to use software is important.  In today’s business environments it’s important to ensure the software is delivered well.

  • Installed with all the appropriate components to work in your evolving computing environment.
  • People understand how it works and fits into your business.
  • Staff are trained to use the software.
  • You can quickly adapt to business changes and delivery new versions of the software if needed.

Jenasys Design understands the importance of delivering software correctly to users.  It's important to understand the pressures placed on people when you change software.  We have experience that can help your business deliver new software to staff.

Software Support

Jenasys Design uses online application lifecyle management (ALM) software to provide support to customers.  This ensures that all information is stored in a web based database available for everyone to see.  Software jobs can then be tracked by all parties and information can be searched and retrieved.  It also allows time and costs to be estimate, monitored and scheduled.

 Email Jenasys Design software support via

 How do you benefit from Jenasys writing your software

  • We use pre tested code libraries.
  • Experience in a wide range of software solutions and situations.
  • We have software that generates software code, improving speed and reliability of our solutions.
  • Problem solving skills and experience with technical problems.
  • Our staff regularly attend technical seminars and we have an extensive resource library or magazines, books and electronic help.
  • All Jenasys Design software code is submitted into a source control database, which allows us to review every code change and see exactly what changes between any version of the codebase.
  • Any software code changes automatically trigger a bank of automated tests that run continously to ensure the quality of changes and reduce the costs involved with manually testing software.
  • The process to release software from Jenasys Design to the customer is automated to significantly improve the time taken to release software to customers.
  • All software requests are tracked through a searchable web application that ensures changes can be tracked by all people involved in software creation and makes future support easier.
  • SQL Server database changes are managed by software that generates reliable upgrade scripts.
  • When performance issue are identified, we have tools that allow use to measure the specific frequency and time to execute every line of source code, ensuring problems can be quickly identified.

Please choose the experienced team at Jenasys for design, development, delivery and support of software in your business.