About Jenasys Design

Who are we?

An Australian based company. We focus on the development of quality software solutions to streamline your business, allowing you to work smarter, faster and more cost effectively.

What do we do best?

  • Evaluate how PC technology and software can best be used in your business processes.
  • Analyse business processes.
  • Estimate the costs and return on investment of viable business solutions.
  • Develop and support software solutions for you.

We also

  • Offer advice on technology issues.
  • Automate spreadsheet or paper based systems into database applications.
  • Upsize databases from Microsoft Access to SQL server.
  • Collate data into an electronic format.
  • Attend Industry Seminars to ensure current technical knowledge.
  • Possess the tools, manuals, development software, coding aids, quality procedures to do the job.
  • Whether it be a template, database or web site our solutions will result in immediate savings to your business.

What we don’t do

  • We are not a contracting agency.
  • We are not a computer network support company.
  • We don’t take your money if we can’t solve your problem.
  • We don’t buy and on-sell software from other companies.
  • We don’t buy, sell or repair computers and computing equipment.

How does your business benefit?

  • Allows you to concentrate on core business and have experts solve the technical issues.
  • Minimises the need to invest unnecessary resources in software, equipment and staff.
  • Eases the stress related to technology implementation in the workplace.
  • Provides a low risk solution because you see the system develop and continuously guide its direction.
  • Provides fast and accurate business solutions.

Satisfied Clients

  • Australian Quality Pork - Livestock trading application.
  • Darling Downs Bacon - Y2k, transportation, production planning, bill of material, customer complaints and product forecasting applications.
  • Ernst Young Consulting - Resume skills and training databases.
  • - Web site and online store.
  • Johnson Screens - KPI application integration into LX ERP, Consumable purchasing web site with integration into JD Edwards ERP.
  • Netbridge - Resume skills database.
  • Northern City Finance - Vehicle customer referal and commission database.
  • Office of Economic and Statistical Research - Tourism Monitor database, Population modelling Excel application. Excel Macro staff training. Advanced Word training.
  • Parot Society - Members and Breaders database.
  • Professional Investment Services - Investment and Insurance Management Software for Australia and New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia. Web Reporting and Financial data processing.
  • RioTinto - Remuneration, Human Resource Foundation, SAP Security Management, Web Service integration with SAP ERP.
  • QBuild - Facilities management database.
  • Queensland Statial Information Infrastructure Strategy - Geographic Metadata XML application.
  • Telstra - QLD Cable TV rollout database.
  • Unisys - QLD Tafe software register.
  • Woolworths - Competition Price Monitoring and QLD store refunds databases. Y2k and GST compliance reviews. Intranet Help Desk solution for Woolworths stores computer systems.

When can we do business?

If you have a business process that is not currently supported by an efficient technology solution, please contact one of our offices. Our solutions are designed to suit your individual needs.

Please choose the experienced team at Jenasys for design, development, delivery and support of software in your business.